Private Residence, London

Installation and ongoing Maintenance

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Innovations in a wonderful period style property, in a fantastic position in North London

Having a lot of experience in delivering successful projects such as this, we were asked to be involved with this wonderful project. The first stage was the demolition of the existing property, so construction could start on this beautiful house and its extensive basement area.

It was key for us to incorporate the latest technology to reduce energy usage, carbon footprint and environmental impact both now and the future. We achieved this by incorporating a borehole system in quite a small footprint, that served both a water cooled air conditioning system and a heat pump to serve underfloor, as well trench and radiator heating systems. This utilised one source of energy and reduce the amount of refrigerant needed in other systems.

This ethos continued with the use of solar thermal energy being utilised to provide their hot water needs. In order to provide piece of mind and deliver the client’s parameters for high usage instances, a gas fired boiler was included to act as top up, if required. That coupled with a highly efficient and robust booster system, all seven bathrooms and other outlets were provided with a luxurious supply of hot and cold water.

Of course the electrical side had the same passion for saving energy in cutting edge lighting design and systems, with all the power needs successful delivered within the building and the luxury of backup generator and battery systems.

To finish off the energy conscious drive with this project, a hybrid ventilation system was installed in the Pool area, that recycled the heat from the pool water and used it to manage a perfect environment.

This project shows that engineering can be used to help reduce our damaging effect on the world and at the same time hidden away, to enable us to enjoy beautiful buildings that we may live, or work in.

  • Borehole system
  • Water cooled air conditioning
  • Heat pump
  • Underfloor, trench and radiator heating
  • Solar thermal for hot water
  • Gas boiler as backup
  • Boosted water delivering perfect showers
  • Cutting edge lighting
  • All power wiring
  • Generator and battery backup system
  • Fire Alarm, CCTV and Video Entry
  • Hybrid ventilation to Pool area
“We were impressed with the quality of your installations and we all enjoyed working with you”