Chantry Academy Careers Fair

What a privilege to have been invited to our first exhibition to share our passion for engineering with around 600 students at Chantry Academy

This was an opportunity to share how proud we are of our very own training group, Lindsey Academy. The brainchild of Chris Lindsey, this was quickly taken on board by the directors and all the management team as an exciting development in taking the 1925 tradition of teaching the right skills to all of the teams, up to the next level. The response from everyone in the Group has been immense!

Having been led by Kevin for the last year, who benefitted from the apprenticeship training we did in the seventies, we have now started the newest chapter by sharing who we are and how we do things.

Chantry Academy was a great chance to speak to children aged 11 - 15 about engineering. It’s such an exciting and rewarding career being able to shape and change how society lives in the future. Engineers make the future come to life!

They got to test their skills unblocking a sink, making sure there were no leaks at the end of it and also got to see how hard it is to keep a steady hand as a welder. We saw some very impressive volunteers and we really enjoyed meeting them. We didn’t get any call outs from parents asking us to fix any leaking waste pipes afterwards, so it seems the training went well!

This event focused on the practical installation side of Lindsey Group and showed just how great it would be to work within our teams. Keep an eye out for us, as next time we’ll be showcasing our design and maintenance divisions too.

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