Pioneering building services. Building brighter futures.

Nationwide mechanical, heating and electrical engineering. Design consultancy, installation and maintenance. Everything we do at Lindsey Group, we do to enhance our clients’ lives long-term with total honesty, integrity and belief. 90 years and counting…

What we and our clients want are the same thing. Our core values are unique. They excite, reassure and secure our clients. They inspire, drive and shape our employees. They’re at the heart of everything we do.

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Private Residence, London

Installation and ongoing Maintenance

Innovations in a wonderful period style property, in a fantastic position in North London

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“We were impressed with the quality of your installations and we all enjoyed working with you”
Team members

“We employ all the latest building techniques, but our clients constantly tell us that it’s the people we employ that elevate the quality of our work.”

Chris Lindsey, Owner

Our workforce is one diverse extended Lindsey Group family. We recruit those with exciting potential who like helping people and improving society. Apprentice to director, we nurture and offer opportunities at every level. Unique Lindsey Academy training motivates and puts pride in their hearts. That shows in every aspect of every project we complete.

“I love the variety of work, the people I work with and the incredible buildings we improve with our building services.”

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