Domestic Renewable Systems

Renewable Energy Solutions for Residential Properties

Reducing your carbon footprint and saving money on energy bills has never been easier with our professional team installing renewable energy in your home. Solar thermal, biomass boilers, and ground and air source heat pumps are just some of the methods available to you as part of this service. Not only do these renewable energy techniques drastically reduce emissions, but they can help you reduce household bills for years to come – making them an ideal investment for anyone wanting to take their sustainability goals to the next level.

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Renewable Systems Maintenance

When considering investing in renewable energy for your home, you need to be aware of the importance of ongoing maintenance service which ensures the safety and performance of your system. The easiest way to protect your investment is to hire a qualified professional who is experienced in making sure that your renewable energy system remains reliable and functioning optimally.

Maintenance services performed by our experts will include thorough examinations, testing, repairs and adjustments as needed, ensuring worry-free and cost-effective performance of your system. Regular maintenance will ensure that you are helping to reduce your environmental footprint while reaping the economic benefits associated with renewable energy sources.

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Renewable Energy Systems Installation

Homeowners wanting to take advantage of renewable energy and join the sustainability revolution have many options open to them. When it comes to installing sustainable energy in your home, however, you want certified professionals from a trusted provider. That’s why when choosing an installation service for your renewable energy system, be sure to pick a team that is experienced in the field and well-versed in the array of systems available. Our installation service will ensure that your solar panel system is perfectly placed, installed safely and operating at peak efficiency with maximum savings. Take confidence in your choice and get ready to experience the benefits of renewable energy with an expertly done installation.

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We Use Green Technology

Lindsey Group is an early adopter of green energy and has been supporting renewable fuel equipment for over 60 years. We can help you take the steps towards a more efficient, future-proof system.

How We’ve Helped Our Clients

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our processes in order to provide an unparalleled service that exceeds expectations each and every time. Don’t just take our word for it though – read through some of the testimonials that our clients have written to learn more about their experiences at Lindsey Group.

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The team are great and very knowledgeable, thank you for help with our heat pump as its been working great!


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Lindsey Group were very quick to understand our needs and so far have provided some really clear advice on our options. With their help we are confident that we can modernise our home in the way in which we want.

Owner of a Private Estate


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Really appreciate your knowledge and advice!



Our Case Studies

Through our case studies of completed projects, we are proud to illustrate how we have helped our clients tailor systems and solutions specific to their commercial or domestic properties.

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Other Domestic Services

We go beyond the basics by offering custom consultations and maintenance packages, tailored to your exact needs.

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Heating & Gas

From installation to ongoing maintenance and servicing, our experienced technicians are dedicated to providing the highest quality service, making sure that your boiler is well maintained, ensuring peak performance.

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Electrical Systems

By staying compliant with all guidelines and putting applicable procedures in place, you can be certain that your electrical networks will function safely in your home.

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Air Conditioning

Installation and servicing for domestic or residential locations, our experienced team is here to provide you with a reliable service that you can trust.

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Building Management Systems

Intelligent building management systems (BMS) can provide a smart, efficient way to manage your property. We can help you create a system design that is tailored to your property to ensure maximum efficiency.