About Us

About Lindsey Group.

In 1925, two men with a mission and a handcart set out to create something special.

Over 90 years later, we continue to use our passion for quality, along with our uniquely people-based philosophy, to drive change and innovation in all that we do.

Though we boast a rich heritage, we know it’s up to us to shape the future of our industry. We do so by providing a full suite of responsive systems maintenance services designed to meet the ever-changing needs of domestic and commercial property owners who value honesty, integrity and exceptional craftsmanship above all else.

Our Values.

“What we and our clients want are the same thing. Our core values are unique. They excite, reassure and secure our clients. They inspire, drive and shape our employees. They’re at the heart of everything we do.”

Chris Lindsey, Owner


By sourcing highly skilled trade talent and training them to settle for nothing less than excellence, we deliver all systems maintenance work to exacting standards.


We strive to deliver the very best for our clients. Choose Lindsey Group, and you’re guaranteed systems of the highest quality, and solutions that are designed to last.


Curiosity is what drives change – and luckily for our clients, it’s in our DNA. We’re passionate about unearthing innovative solutions that will future-proof our clients’ systems.

Our People.

“We employ all the latest building techniques, but our clients constantly tell us that it’s the people we employ that elevate the quality of our work.”

Chris Lindsey, Owner

We know that our strength comes from our people – which is why we work tirelessly to discover and develop the very best talent in the business.

We invest heavily in our maintenance team’s potential by supporting their professional development. The result? A network of honest, knowledgeable, multi-skilled employees who are committed to continual innovation and trained to ensure our unique values are reflected in everything they do.

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