Lindsey Group Building Services

The Lindsey Group has three distinct divisions – Lindsey Design, Lindsey Installation and Lindsey Maintenance. All three of these building services are available independently. Need a one-stop-shop solution? Each division can work seamlessly with the others. Independent, yet integrated.

Sharing knowledge, experience and skills across our divisions sets us apart from our competitors. It’s what enables us to solve the smallest of domestic problems to designing and installing a full commercial system in the most challenging conditions and environments.

Lindsey Design

The most perfect system is one that you never even notice. That is the mantra of Lindsey Design consulting. We offer an independent quality design service that redefines just how design consultancy should be. Whether it is a heating, air conditioning or integrated solution, we understand and predict how real life usage will impact and any system will perform in over time. So, when we design a system, we innovate whilst being 100% practical – designing it around you to last for life.


Building for life

We engineer and employ a unique ‘Life Cycle Loop’ of building services. By listening to our clients, understanding their needs, then learning from experience and feedback, we deliver and maintain the best possible value service for years to come.

Energy efficient buildings are the future. Lindsey Group promotes renewable technology as a viable and sensible energy solution that can deliver for generations.

Lindsey Installation

When you train, you retain. That’s how we see it at Lindsey Group. Our heating engineers and air conditioning installation teams are highly experienced in their craft because we know how to develop and keep talent. It’s essential that we do this because knowledge cascades down right through to apprentice level. By constantly measuring ourselves against high quality standards, our projects run smoothly, attention to detail is maintained and projects are delivered on time and within budget, whatever and whenever we install.

Not every job is a large-scale commercial project. We treat small domestic plumbing tasks as seriously as large scale installations. Lindsey Special Projects is a dynamic and agile team of plumbers and engineers assembled to quickly and efficiently tackle those special projects.

Insulated piping

Lindsey Maintenance

Look after anything and it will give you years more faithful service. The same theory not only applies to our workforce, it goes for any heating and air conditioning system. The Lindsey Maintenance facilities management team has built a vast understanding of systems, honed multiple skills and provided a rapid reactive service over 30 years. Always there for you, absolutely nothing fazes them.

Want complete peace of mind? Planned maintenance is there for you as is our emergency call-out 24/7/365. Regular boiler and system servicing improves performance and efficiency plus we are on the spot immediately in the event of a breakdown. It’s so effective, we still maintain systems we installed over 50 years ago.


Unique Service for you

Client expectations and requirements will always be unique. All the teams within Lindsey Group live and breathe this so we can offer that distinctive service every time. The underpinning of this is the ability to work independently and the sharing of knowledge from one division to another. Our Lindsey Academy helps facilitate and encourage the sharing of the lessons that are continuously learned from one team to another. We believe that is unique.

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